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Environmental journalism and compelling feature writing by Sebastian Oake


Commissioning terms and conditions...

Smarter Cat represents the work of Sebastian Oake. Smarter Cat is part of Green-Engage Communications and has public liability and professional indemnity insurance. The insurance company requires Smarter Cat to work according to written understandings of engagement. If a commissioning editor accepts a piece of work for publication, it will be assumed that he or she accepts the terms described here.


Content, quality and suitability

By accepting a commission, the author will make every effort to ensure the work follows the agreed content framework, meets the requirements of the publication and is accurate and resistant to challenge. In the event that submitted work is not thought by the commissioning editor to be of sufficient quality, the author will attempt to rectify matters. If an article, once commissioned, is rejected for any reason other than content, quality or suitability, the agreed fee will still be payable.



The author will make every effort to send words and pictures to the commissioning editor in good time, or to notify the commissioning editor of any problem in doing this. In the event of not being able to meet a deadline, the author’s liability will be limited to providing words and pictures for a new agreed date. The author will not be liable for any consequences, financial or otherwise, of rescheduling.


Respecting the original

When accepting a piece of work for publication, the commissioning editor agrees to publish it under the author’s byline. The commissioning editor agrees to present it in a way that reflects and respects the spirit of the original, and not alter it to the extent that it becomes significantly different to the original, nor add new information under the author’s byline without securing his agreement. The author will not be liable for any problems arising from additional content, words or pictures not part of the original.


Intellectual property

The author retains copyright on published words and any pictures taken by him but the commissioning editor is free to use the work, or part thereof, more than once, within the same context in the same newspaper or magazine (the exception being that photographs and illustrations supplied by the author should not be used to accompany other works without the agreement of the copyright holder). The author will not reuse the exact original for other publications but may reuse information, facts and ideas. Any pictures secured by the author from third parties must be credited as advised and remain the copyright of the photographer.


After publication

On or before publication, the commissioning editor will send a pdf version of the article on-page for the author’s records (file should be no more than 4MB). The author will invoice the commissioning editor on publication. Invoices should be settled within 30 days. The author retains the right to send the piece to interested parties or to enter it into competitions.