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A selection of published work from writer Sebastian Oake


About Sebastian Oake...

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Sebastian Oake is a freelance writer, researcher and photographer covering a range of subjects with a track record of getting to the heart of serious issues with accuracy, fairness and grit.

For many years he was a writer, editor and press officer for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

before heading up communications at Transport 2000, the national environmental transport campaign.

Later he published ground-breaking ideas as a communications consultant on how to extend the appeal of environmental issues through the respected Painting the Town Green report. Since then he has worked for a number of years in tourism provision. He currently lives in the middle of nowhere with his partner and three cats.

Sebastian Oake has an honours degree in Agricultural and Forest Science from Oxford University and is a member of the Society of Authors.


Sebastian Oake is a pen-name. Smarter Cat represents the work of Sebastian Oake and is part of Green-Engage Communications.